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Become part of The St. Louis School Nairobi Family in South C- Nairobi.

Music Lessons

We provide Music Lessons to students who have talent in Music charged per term.

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Skating Lessons

We provide skating lessons to all students, It’s charged at a fee Per term.

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Swimming Lessons

We have swimming lessons for all students which is optional and it’s charged at a fee every term.

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our classes

About Us

St.Louis School is a medium cost co –educational private school located at the heart of South C in the capital city of Nairobi.  We are currently offering the New 2-6-6-3 and the 8.4.4 curricula.  We enroll children from Two and a half years to fourteen years.

Kindergarten Section

The foundation of a child’s educational development is crucial.  We at St. Louis School will teach the children Language, Mathematics, Life skills, Social Studies, Art and Crafts,  Science and Music.

Class Categories : Play group: 2 1\2 – 4 yearsPre primary 1 :  4 -5 years, Pre Primary 2:  5 -6 years.

Primary Section

St. Louis School offers the New 2-6-6-3 curriculum as well as the 8.4. 4. system of education from Grade One to Std. Eight.  Educational excellence is the main goal that we as a school strive to achieve.  We also believe that in order to achieve academic excellence, children need to engage in recreational activities.  Therefore we offer various extra curricula and sporting activities including swimming, skating, music amongst others for your child’s all round development.

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